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As we reflect on the past two years, it is difficult to process the extent to which our government has impacted our basic human rights. More and more Canadians are recognizing the injustice perpetrated on our fellow citizens and it is now clear, and to all the world, that Canadians have had enough.


In order to reclaim our freedoms and rights, we must unify in our mission, both in spirit and practice. As our group has grown, so too have the goals, needs and costs of this blossoming movement. The lifting of the mandates is only one of a multitude of objectives that the We Unify Canada community now works towards. With an aim to restore the rule of law and democracy in our country, our journey has just begun.


One of our most important targets is to now hire staff to facilitate the work that is currently managed on a volunteer basis. Our goal is to make our movement sustainable both practically and financially. We Unify Canada is now supported by a dedicated volunteer team that develops ongoing events and campaigns to help cover the many costs associated with our work, in addition to developing an ongoing and sustainable approach to raising funds.